Here is a partial list of some of our clients, completed castings and talent.
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Dead Sexy Klimaszewski Twins (Coors Twins)
March 2004 
ONE LIFE TO LIVE Spitzer Triplets March 2004 
MAXIM MAG CAMPAIGN ODonohue Twins  March 2004 
LINGERIE TRADESHOW ODonohue Twins Feb 2004
THUNDER CLUB Scialpi & ODonohue Twins Feb 2004
TOP SHELF EVENT ODonohue, Lavender, Ma, Andrew Twins Feb 2004
ComCast Commercial Flynn Triplets Feb 2004
50 Ways to Leave Your lover Ummel Twins
Feb 2004 
IBM PRINT Fershter Twins, Coumba Greves
Feb 2004
Verizon Print Andrew Twins
Feb 2004
Parents Magazine Dadaille & Kennon Twins
Feb 2004
Stuff Magazine ODonohue, Lemire twins & Andrew twins
Feb 2004
The View Lavender , ODonohue, Andrew & Ganz Twins
Feb 2004
Cavit Wine Print Meza Twins
Feb 2004
NBC 4 - TV -DC Coates, Perroy & Brown Twins Feb 2004
Airhead Candy Commercial Fox Twins
Jan 2004
Guiding LIght - TV reoccurring -Grill Twins
Jan 2004
As the World Turns Stern Twins
Jan 2004
Parenting Mag Grill Twins
Jan 2004
Starting Over - Reality TV Ganz Twins Jan 2004
X BOX Natl Commercial Kercher Triplets
Dec 2003
Top Shelf Odonohue, sciallpi, Ormiston & Stamos
Dec 2003
Steven Scott Andrew Twins
Dec 2003
Top Shelf ODonohue, Sciallpi, Rosado, Rock &  Andrew Twins
Dec 2003
Stay Zappa & Palmer Triplets, Jenkins Twins
Dec 2003
Hallaballoon Andrews Twins
Dec 2003
Thunderclub ODonohue Twins
Dec 2003
"Get Packing" Tv Show Moore Twins
Dec 2003
NY Times Magazine Kurt & Kyle Froman
Nov 2003
Montell Williams Show Okapiec Triplets, Tony & Roger Brooks
Nov 2003
USGBC Tradeshow Kent & Clint Lauhoff Nov 2003
STAY - Ewen McGregor 50 twins, triplets & quads
Nov 2003
Fox TV Sports Commercial
Occino Twins
October 2003
Fear Factor October-2003
Glamour Magazine Becky & Jessie ODonohue October-2003
Max Factor Campaign Leesa & Laura Andrew October-2003
Spike Lee Feat Film "She Hate Me" Spitzer Triplets, Pelaez Twins October-2003
NBC Today Show Odonohue Twins, Ormiston Twins, Andrew Twins September-2003
Twin Tech Infom Kimmy & Amy Brown September-2003
Time Warner Commercial Max Chodes September-2003
CVS National Commercial Ruby & Kate Hanna September-2003
Liquor Promotions Erika & Monika Simmons September-2003
Stepford Wives The Film Kyle & Lane Carlson September-2003
Bellsouth Radio Isadelle & Yamille Mercedes September-2003
David Letterman - Top 10 List - Ganz Twins, Rock Twins, Andrew, Ellis, Cannell, Molfetta, Weber, Morris, Curaba & Paul Twins August-2003
David Letterman-Guest Spot Weber Twins August-2003
CNN - Anderson Cooper 360 Ganz Twins August-2003
Tylenol PSA Hoffer Twins August-2003
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - Film- Angela & Maria Popovic August-2003
Fuse - Billboard Bridget & Sara Rock August-2003
Barbi Commercial Samantha Abreu August-2003
Carson Daly Show Okapiec Triplets July-2003
Sex In The City Allison & Sarah Cudmore June-2003
Liquor Promotions Lane Twins June-2003
Epicurean Show - Vegas Tautenhahn twins,Moore Twins, Willey Twins
Tai Twins
Montell Williams Amber & Ashlee Moore June-2003
Stepford Wives- Nicole Kidman Film Corp Twins June-2003
Barbi Commercial Samantha Abreau June-2003
SOPRANOS Aloia Twins May-2003
Coors Promotion Andrew Twins May-2003
Worst Case Scenario Reality Daube Twins May-2003
PHAT FARM Clothing - Print Watts Twins May-2003
Beer Commercial Mexico Leonardini triplets May-2003
Mall or Nothing - E Channel Brown Twins May-2003
Martha Stewart Living Print - Halloween Uluc Twins May-2003
Ratiopharm - German Commercial Ahmed Twins May-2003
Boston Print Campaign Fershter Twins May-2003
Cosmo Magazine Julio Twins April-2003
Independent Feature Logan Fenton January-2003
Meet My Folks - reality show Lemire Twins January-2003
Cosmopolitan Magazine Julio Twins January-2003
NBC Today Show - Fashion Rivera Twins & Wilson Twins January-2003
Worst Case Scenario (reality show) Daube Twins January-2003
Mona Lisa's Smile (feature film) Johnson Twins & Ferrara Twins January-2003
Carta Blanca Beer Commercial (Mexico) Leonardini Triplets January-2003
David Chappelle TV Show Ditmar Triplets January-2003
David Allen Grier Show/Comedy Central Edward & Edwin Yuan December-2002
MAD TV Kimmy & Amy Brown December-2002
Kraft Boca Burger Print Campaign Kennedy Twins December-2002
"Big Fish" Tim Burton Feature Film - Principal Arlene & Ada Tai December-2002
LINGO GAME SHOW John & Jim Baudino
Toia and Toi-san Burk
LLoyd Boston/ Tommy Hilfer Promotion David & Andrew Funk Darrin & Derek Wilson November-2002
Jeny Jones Allyson & Lyndsey Lemire
Carl & Jerald Tautenhahn Twins
Zone Diet Jean Maceachern & June Varner October-2002
Estrogen Print Brooke Twins September-2002
Nippon TV Kercher Triplets September-2002
Mens Health Magazine Kuhn Triplets September-2002
Haynes Campaign Lavender Twins
Orniston Twins
Spot Cleaning Commercial Letts Twins September-2002
Dunkin Donuts Commercial Bruss Twins September-2002
Voxx Vodka Campaign Everson Twins September-2002
Nippon TV Kersher Triplets August-2002
Estrogen Print Campaign Brooks Twins August-2002
Death of Destiny Ormiston Twins July-2002
Rudy's Barbecue Quinn Twins July-2002
Cingular Wireless Mal Cross July-2002
Rite Aid Stover Twins July-2002
Fall River Tool Calendar Lisa and Dawn Quinn June-2002
Down with Love Semenko Triplets June-2002
Sex in the City Kyle and Luke Maruca June-2002
Wise Women Book Ann & Fran Rappaport May-2002
Tanning Infomercial Andrew Twins May-2002
Maalox Commercial Josh and Jeremy Glantz May-2002
SAP Industrial Video Chris and Ryan Zaffino May-2002
The Last Request Leesa & Laura Andrews May-2002
Lancome Promotional Ellis Twins, Ormiston Twins,Martin Twins May-2002
Putnam Investments Print Campaign Donna & Lynn Brooks May-2002
Merrill Lynch Print Campaign Ron Raman May-2002
The Maury Show Paul & Ken Evseroff April-2002
Lottery Commercial Berquist Quadruplets April-2002
Law & Order Special Victims Unit TV Marc & Michell Grogan,Max & Austin Egna March-2002
Christina Show Reynaldo & Rolando McClean, Mimita & Maritza Meza February-2002
The Last Request- Feature Film Kim & Misty Ormiston February-2002
David Letterman Rob & Steve Morris February-2002
Vox Vodka National Campaign Larry & Garry Lane February-2002
Ananda Lewis Show Overton Twins, Johnson Twins,
Obrien Twins, Furtick Quadruplets
Jeanne & Jennifer Johnson, Ormiston Twins
Trick Turner Music Video Natalie & Nicole Garza January-2002
Visa Commercial Rao Rampilla January-2002
Fitness Magazine Michele & Tricia Lyons December-2001
ShipMates Andy & Chad Baker, Roberta & Sharon Borvitz, Jackie & Jennifer Durietz
Chris & Ryan Zaffino
Pampers Commercial Salerno Triplets November-2001
Pamper Print Salerno Triplets November-2001
Tylenol Commercial Zach & Jonah Hoffer November-2001
Fear Factor Larry & Gary Lane
Nicole & Eusheka Bartley
Ananda Lewis Show Laurie & Tracy Oetronzio (Make-over Show)
Melanie & Melissa Hazim (Make-over Show)
Ricky Lake Show Gabrielle & Guillermo, Leo & Loi Shimone
Jake & Misty LaSalle, Debbie & Lisa Ganz
Sally Jesse Show Joseph & Jermyn Daube, Mary & Theresa Michaels, Lisa & Lynette Lavender, Lyndsey & Allison Lemire October-2001
Dupont Commercial Logan & Makenna Jordan October-2001
Third Watch - TV IMikhaela & Gabriella Miller Desilva September-2001
O Magazine Rehana & Ananda Ellis August-2001
BBC promo - TV Ivan & Igor Folic August-2001
Maxim Magazine Leesa & Laura Andrews August-2001
Sex in the City - (Cynthia Nixon's Baby) Mathew Diegnan July-2001
The Gap Holiday Print Ad Olivia & Lena Gallager July-2001
David Letterman Rob & Steve Morris July-2001
Fox News - Hair Segment Allyson & Lindsey Lemire July-2001
Discovery Channel - Travel Show Debbie & Lisa Ganz July-2001
Unsolved Mysteries Mysteries Debbie & Lisa Ganz / Kathy & Karen July-2001
Twin Towers Talent Contest PR 1st Prize - Jake & Marty LaSalle
2nd Prize - Veena & Neena Bidasha
3rd Prize - Katie & Kelly Rothery
Law & Order Special Victims Unit TV Jacqueline & Victoria Cecere May-2001
Kohler Campaign/David LaChapelle Print Lisa & Lynette Lavender May-2001
Clarke Shoe Campaign Print Leesa & Laura Andrews May-2001
Aveda Campaign PR Rehana & Ananda Ellis May-2001
New York Times Debbie & Lisa Ganz, Ivan & Isaiah Sullivan, Peri & Brooke Kessler May-2001
Christina Talk Show Jessica & Jennica Carmona, Gabriel & Guillermo Ariza, Jake & Marty LaSalle, Lisa & Yvonne Rivera, Constanza & Sandra Pitta April-2001
Sears Commercial Catherine & Catelyn Edwards March-2001
Protective Life Campaign Gabriel & Guillermo Ariza March-2001
Velform Infomercial Ray & Ralph Stover March-2001
TLC(Learning Channel) Jane & Grace Aronds March-2001
Oxygen Network Shane & Shaun Watts , Corso Twins, Mackenzie & Logan Fenton February-2001
Oxygen Network Lisa & Debbie Ganz , Beverly & Richard Westle February-2001
Appletini Campaign Larry & Gary Lane February-2001
As the World Turns Jenna & Kayla McGrane, Megan & Lauren Ferrara February-2001
Sam I Am Film(Michelle Pfeiffer) Rockwell Twins , McClung Twins
Fraye Triplets , Albrecht Twins,
Denny's Commercial Hal, Hero & Harley Johnson January-2001
Levi Commercial Marty & Jake LaSalle January-2001
MTV Ivan and Isiah Sullivan January-2001
Snickers Commercial Larry & Gary Lane January-2001
Training Day Film(Denzel Washington) Brianna and Angelica Green
Mikela & Denali Lyons
Sankyo (Nicholas Cage) Steckline Triplets, Gile Triplets
Schlueter Triplets, Clarke Triplets
Western Cable Trade Show Hansen Quads November-2000
Comdex Trade Show Linda & Laura Mellor November-2000
Short Film Mindy & Paula Shapiro November-2000
Just For You, NBC-TV Andria & Elaine Willey November-2000
Deadline - TV Gabriella & Mikhaela Miller-Desilva November-2000
Compaq Computers - Print Mary & Zoila Almonte November-2000
Talbot Print Ad Rachel & Pamela Devercelly November-2000
Southwest Bell Commercial Joy & June Martin November-2000
Ready, Set, Cook - TV Karen, Kelly, & Kathy November-2000
CMJ Music Festival Lisa & Lynette Lavender
Heather & Jennifer Melkovitz
Riding in Cars with Boys(Drew Barrymore) Salerno Triplets September-2000
Riding in Cars with Boys - movie Samantha & Alexandra Reale
Megan & Lauren Ferrara
Peri & Brooke Kessler
WBII Morning News Debbie & Lisa Ganz, Green Twins, Ahlman Twins September-2000
Maury Povich Show Renee & Rosie Tenison, Anthony & Eddie Edwards, Veena & Neena Bidasha,Debbie & Lisa Ganz, Yvonee & Yvette Duvier September-2000
COMPAQ Computers Deniro & Dimitri York August-2000
Deadline - TV James & John DeNara August-2000
Citra Lotion Andria & Elaine Willey August-2000
Spain Talent Competition Katie & Cathy Moran August-2000
NASA Industrial Video Jason & Chad Strong December-1999
BBC/TLC Documentary "Faces" Furtick Quadruplets November-1999
Minnesota Industrial Video Jessica & Jennica Carmona November-1999
Shape Magazine Jodi & Julie Messina and
Gwen & Karen Johnson
Good House Keeping Magazine Stasea & Sheri Rosenblum and
Linda & Terry Jamison
Bedazzled - Feature film with Elizabeth Hurley Dennis Twins and the Steckline Triplets September-1999
The Conan O'Brian Show Pete and Terry Newitt September-1999
Oxygen Network TV - March 2000 Debbie & Lisa Ganz September-1999
Food Network TV- March 2000 Debbie & Lisa Ganz September-1999
Jane Magazine Print - March 2000 20 Sets of Twins September-1999
South African Billboard Campaign Julie & Jodie Messina September-1999
Maury Povitch Show Berquist Quadruplets September-1999
Channel 41 Spanish TV Teri & Lori Sigrist September-1999
Gucci Print Ad Worldwide Diane & Elaine Klimaszewski September-1999
Womens Sports & Fitness Magazine Torninsca Triplets September-1999
Ungaro Print Ad - GQ Ivan & Isaiah Sullivan September-1999
Pizza Hut Commercial - London London Hansen Quadruplets September-1999
IBM Print Ad Joy and June Martin August-1999
Miami Subway Commercial Tony Brooks and Roger Milasi August-1999
Aqua Fresh Print Ad Emily and Samantha Ferrara August-1999
National Jergens Commercial Neena and Veena Bidashi August-1999
Feature Film "The Replacements" w/Keanu Reeves Lisa and Lynette Lavender August-1999
Doublemint Commercial Ivan and Isiah Sullivan
Rehana and Ananda Ellis
Natíl Insurance Commercial Adolfus Triplets, Furtick Quadruplets July-1999
Fitness Magazine Magazine Jennifer and Jessica Liem
Antoinette and Trisha Clarke
Kimberly and Katherine Kulp
Escape your Shape Infomercial Michelle and Cara Imbasciano July-1999
Malto Meal Cereal Promotion Keith & Kevin Henderson , Parsons Twins, Gorovatsky Twins, Jill & Julie Tiggelaar June-1999
IO Donna Magazine Mellor Twins, MandaglioTwins, Kulp Twins, Rock Twins, Medina Twins, DiFalco Twins, Folic Twins, Reynour Twins, McCleod Twins, Liem Twins, Almonte Twins March-1999
Fashion Emergency Joey and Eddie Hudak
Teisher and Keisher McCleod
Michelle and Cara Imbasciano
Keri and Korinne Badach
National Danish Print Ad Weathers Twins, Delgato Twins, Folic Twins, Medina Twins,
Natasha & Maria, Ellis Twins, Lavender Twins
VH1 /Rock of Ages (Pop up Video) Ann and Fran Rappaport November-1998
Jane Magazine Arnyce and Margareet September-1998
Natalie Merchant Video   September-1998
ShowTime Siegel Twins August-1998
Rosie Perez Film   August-1998
MTV Fanatic Larry and Gary Lane July-1998
Esquire Magazine Austin and Luke Brown June-1998
McCalls Magazine Antoinette and Trisha Clarke June-1998
Sony Industrial Bridgette and Sarah Rock June-1998
New Woman Magazine Lesli and Ashli Richard June-1998
Candid Camera Lisa and Debbie Ganz May-1998
Christiano Fissore Catalog Milano Twins, Soluri Twins May-1998
HBO Commercial Siegel Twins. Rafferty Twins, Ganz Twins April-1998
Twice Magazine Lisa and Debbie Ganz March-1998
Hanson Brothers Video Ziffano Twins, McCleod Twins, Brown Twins, Folic Twins, Gabriel & Guerrmo, Imbasciano Twins, Rosenblume Twins, Rappaport Twins February-1998
Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien Cara and Michele Imbasciano February-1998
Time Life Music Commercial Stacea and Sherri Rosenblume October-1997
Duracell Commercial Filomenia and Gloria Bellacosa October-1997
Readers Digest Karen and Kelly Moulton October-1997
Modern Salon Magazine Eddie and Joey Hudak October-1997
Fox After Breakfast Richard Twins, Mellor Twins May-1997

Twins Talent is the only talent agency for multiples in the world. It does not matter where you live. We get calls for all over the US and all over the world. It is for fraternal twins as well. FOR SOME OF THE CASTINGS WE RECEIVE, THE TWINS MUST LIVE IN THE SPECIFIC AREA... BUT FOR MANY OF THEM WE JUST SUBMIT PHOTOS. We would love to receive photos of you for the casting agency. You can send them to us through email but we must have them through regular mail as well. We would like to receive at least five 8x10 photos. They do not have to be professional head shots and we can put them on our website as well as hanging them in Twins restaurant when we reopen. THERE IS NO FEE OR OBLIGATION!!! We get calls from all over the world looking for twins for film, print and commercials and depending on what they are looking for, what area they are in etc., we will just give you a call. It is not very complicated. We have cast twins from 95 years old to newborns.

If you send us a photo via the email, please send us a jpg or tiff or psd photo with at least a 300 dpi resolution. Also, include all of your contact information in the body of the email.(names, emails, contact numbers, birth date)

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1-800-RU-TWINS or 212-289-1777

Our mailing address is :

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